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Black Marble

Modern Art is Dead

Create the things you wish existed. 

“Modern Art is Dead” was conceptualized based on the idea that there shouldn’t
be restraints in creating art, it should be free of structure. You can put almost
anything in a box and label it, but with art it means something different to each
and every person. How do you put rules around something meant to invoke
feeling? I started painting as a way to calm my mind and provide balance to my
life. I immediately felt a pull to continue to create and bring to life these ideas I
had but couldn’t express. It was there where I found my solace. To put on music
and shut everything out for a bit after a long day, what’s better than that? I
started this journey with the goal of expressing myself and creating things that I
wish existed, what I wanted to see in the world. As my work gained popularity, I
felt this need at first to help charities focused on just mental health. Art saved my
life, and I wanted it to have an impact outside of just myself. My work is a
reflection of an emotion I hope to inspire. I leave the emotion up to you, it’s just
as much yours as it is mine. 
All proceeds from the sale of each piece will go directly to a charity of your choice 

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